As workflows transition to an all-IP format, Silvus MN-MIMO (Mobile Network Multiple-In, Multiple Out) can be used by broadcasters at all levels to link field assets via a secure, private network infrastructure on a dedicated licensed channel frequency or in a license-free frequency band. The Silvus solutions are uniquely suited to address the key requirements of broadcasters performing Electronic Newsgathering (ENG) operations, sports and live events, as well as film production shoots with remote cameras.

Silvus’ latest MIMO product is the StreamCaster 4200 (SC4200), the only tactical radio available with transmit beamforming, which delivers up to 40% increase in range, offering true 2×2 MIMO diversity. Automatic link adaptation continually optimises throughput in a dynamic environment.

The SC4200 is an IP67 ruggedized handheld for mesh networking, designed to be used in the harshest of environments. With up to 4W transmit power and up to 12HR battery the improved power efficiency is ideal for cooler operations and longer battery life.

Delivering 128 GB of onboard storage, high fidelity integrated bidirectional push-to-talk voice with G.722 codec and spacial multiplexing for enhanced throughput with date ranges of up to 100+ MBPS, the SC4200 is just one part of the Silvus range that is helping to reshape broadband wireless connectivity across the world.

The experts from Amber Technology will be available at ABE2016 to take you through the Silvus solution and help you to discover the benefits for your business.