Tektronix, a leading innovator of video quality monitoring solutions, has unveiled an industry-first hybrid SDI/IP media analysis platform, PRISM, that enables a smooth transition from SDI-based to IP-based infrastructure. The new test and diagnostic solution will be demonstrated at the TekInsite booth at the ABE Show, taking place August 9-11 in Sydney.

The broadcast industry is at the beginning of a revolutionary migration to an all-IP infrastructure. However, huge investments in existing technology and workflows mean that this transition will take place in phases, creating a need for test and monitoring solutions that can provide visibility into new kinds of problems whilst keeping things consistent for engineers and operators as they manage hybrid facilities.

PRISM addresses this need with its unique ability to diagnose and correlate both SDI and IP signal types and help quickly identify the root cause of the error, whether it is in the IP layer or in the SDI content layer. 

Klaven Siow, Senior Applications Manager at Tektronix Singapore, will be presenting a paper at this year’s ABE conference as well as demonstrating PRISM at the TekInsite booth.